The Secret Diary of The WordPress Doctor 3

Chapter 3 – Adding a contact form

One of the principal functions of a website is so people can contact you – am I right..? 

So it makes sense a key thing to be confident about is adding a contact form to your WordPress website – it makes things simple for your users, and looks professional – what’s not to like? 

To add a contact form to your website using the visual builder you will need to enable the visual builder on the contact page, (always a good start). You will then need to click into the page so that you can choose from the list of attributes – then click contact form. This will then add a pre-loaded contact form onto the page which you have chosen. To edit the form you will need to click on the flowered styled cog, this will then bring up the settings of the contact form. 

Here is where you are able to change how many sections you have, what each section has in it and also where you are able to style your contact form. 

If you would like to watch out video on how to add a contact form to your website you can do so here:

For more information on how to style text on your website check out our video here:

As ever, you are welcome 🙂 

Stop worrying, get designing

The WordPress Doctor is Ellie Ansell, who started at Boom back in 2014 as an apprentice. When she isn’t doctoring for websites, you can find her telling off her dog Jim, eating chicken nuggets and generally being an all round good egg.

The WordPress Doctor can help with – 

• WordPress Security & hack prevention
 • SEO for WordPress
• Changing content in WordPress
• Difficulty adding/resizing images in WordPress
• Mobile responsiveness for WordPress websites
• Virus & malware removal for WordPress
• WordPress Error messages
• Slow loading speeds in WordPress
• Dated branding
 • Out of date WordPress plugins
 • Broken links in WordPress
• Adding new texts, images or links to WordPress websites

If your problem isn’t on this list above – just give her a shout,

The first consultation is free so contact her to book your slot.

(NB 1pm – 2pm is her lunch, but she’s pretty flexible other than that and generally quite nice)

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