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Here at Boom. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We do the web design, graphic design and SEO projects. Across Kent and Yorkshire using base camp is a important tool . Here our Project Manager Ellie, explains a little bit about how we do it and the systems that we use.

Basecamp is a Project Management web app which first launched in 2004.  It has had updates ever since to make it ever more effective. We are currently use the latest one,  Basecamp 3.

This tool allows you to have a team who get an overview with everything that happens on Basecamp. The admin team are able to choose who is added to Basecamp. Also are able to delete members of their team or customers from the tool.

* Basecamp provides us with something which can be efficient and useful and help us keep up to date with all of our projects.
You are able to add as many different clients and then within each individual project. You are able to add as many as your own team members you would like but also as many as the projects team members you would like.

* Basecamp offers a system which is called ‘Ping” which allows you to speak to any of your team through Basecamp. This would work out good if you didn’t have any other way of communicating and didn’t want to do everything by email.

* Basecamp also offers a feature which allows you to send design pages off to the customer. Where here they are able to sign off. Whether or not they are happy with the page and if they would like the page to go to build. Within this feature you can add all of your team and also give a date of when it needs to be signed off by.  If it hasn’t been done within that time scale, then the customer will keep receiving update emails to remind them to do so.

* Basecamp also offers reports where you are able to print a PDF which will show you what tasks you have left and what you will need to do to complete them.

office laptop mac Here at Boom Solutions in Kent we use Basecamp as we find that it keeps all of our projects in one space and all under control. We find that it is easy to use and we love all of the features which Basecamp offers. One of all of our favourite features. Is base camp offers a sign off section which means we are able to send designs for customers to sign off or even extra work to be signed off.

Here at Boom Solutions we find that Basecamp is easy to use. We have no problems with trying to work it. Every time Basecamp has a new feature added as soon as you go on to the software this is a pop-up message telling you what the new feature is and how to use it. Basecamp also offers a tutorial on how to use not only the new feature but the whole software.

My job at Boom Solutions is first and foremost to look after you. This means that I have to keep a careful eye over all of our web design projects throughout Kent. Which boom are working on at any given time. We have a wide range of projects, from websites for salons. To companies, plant hire machinery, nuclear engineering. Also start ups who trust us to help make there dreams a reality. No day is the same.

Keeping a firm handle on  so many diverse projects is the most important part of my role. Using Basecamp allows me to do this and keep you up to date at all times. Looking after you and your investment is just not about beautiful design. It is about  great tech, coffee and biscuits. Although I do make a cracking cup of tea as well!



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