How We Started Our Digital Careers – Sam, SEO Executive

Over the next couple of blog posts we will be going over how some of us got into the digital sector of work. We have all taken a different path and thought it would be beneficial to tell our stories. To show the variety of ways that you can start a career in the digital sector.

Name: Sam
Age: 20
Role: SEO Executive My career into the digital world started in my last year of sixth form. Whist at Chatham Grammar School for Boys in Kent. Just over 2 and a half years a go. After just starting my final year i realised that school was no longer for me and lost interest and decided to leave school. Instead of leaving and going to college, which i felt wouldn’t be beneficial for me. I decided to look for an apprenticeship.

In Kent we are quite lucky to have a wide and diverse range of apprenticeships available. I also found an interest in going down the digital route with lots of web design. Digital marketing and SEO apprenticeships available. After looking around for apprenticeships I decided to apply for a Digital Marketing apprenticeship with a server company based in Kent. The course was over one year. IT required me to spend one day a week on coursework. Also travelling to London for college every couple of weeks. The course went over many aspects of digital marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation.

This course showed me that there are a lot of possibilities within the digital sector for a wide range of jobs.

Whilst at my previous job, my job was too look after the company online through the website, social media and general online presence. This gave me an insight into what route I wanted to go down with my career and decided to go with SEO.

Now here at Boom my role is to look after our own website as well as our clients websites. Making sure that we can get our clients as well as ourselves to rank as high as possible in Google is top priority. This means that us and our clients get more hits and in turn more business. Our customers are from Kent, Harrogate Leeds, Bradford, London and all over the UK.

In some cases globally and in gives me the chance to test my SEO skills. To get them to rank in google. Keywords and terms they wish to rank for.For me the main reason i chose to do an apprentice is because you earn money whilst gaining experience and a qualification. Both are valuable things when you are looking jobs and gaining that whilst getting paid was great! Apprenticeships like the one I did in Digital Marketing and SEO.

Digital careers at Boom. We are available across Kent and London, and Harrogate, Leeds, Bradford and across Yorkshire as a whole.



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