Need a bit of help with your WordPress website..?

The WordPress Doctor will see you now!

You are not alone…

In fact website worries are very common. We know from the amount of calls and enquires we take daily that hundreds of people are sat in their offices or homes, frustrated because they can’t quite get every aspect their website exactly as they need it to be.

Sound familiar…?

You may have built the site yourself, had your site for a while now and aren’t in touch with the designer, or had a friend who you don’t want to keep bothering build it for you. You may know exactly what you are doing, but simply don’t have the time to do it.

Wonky website…? WordPress being weird…?

Our WordPress Doctor service starts with a free, in depth health report on your site and a free consultation..

Why use the WordPress Doctor service…?

A bit of expert advice can go along way…

At Boom, we are experts in the design, build & care of WordPress websites- we have made & looked after several hundred of them over the years for our customers.

We understand the time pressures and frustrations in making a website look and run perfectly. 

Your website is a public window onto your business, open to the pubic 365 days a year & we know how important it is to make sure it represents you well. 

If you are having any problems, worries or concerns, we are here to help with advice, training, help and support.  Your first consultation is free, so don’t suffer in silence – call the WordPress doctor today 🙂 

Hassle free help and advice

These are the most common worries and problems people come to us with. Are any of these giving you a headache?

• Security & hack prevention
• Changing content
• Difficulty adding/resizing images
• Mobile responsiveness
• Virus & malware removal
• Error messages
• Slow loading speeds
• Dated branding
• Out of date plugins
• Broken links
• Adding new texts, images or links

Working on your website can be the perfect excuse not to leave the office in the cold!Because of demand, we have introduced something new to our on going support plans – the WordPress Doctor.

If there is anything which you are stuck with or if you need some extra help, you can book in a time slot and we will come for a coffee, sit down together and help you out. Often an online conference call is also a good option – we can discuss what it is you may be struggling with.

Something else bothering you about your WordPress website?

Here at Boom we understand how important your website can be to your business, but also how tough it can be to dedicate the time to look after it and keep it up to date.

We offer a 10 out of 10 service, to keep your website at 10 out of 10, 365 days a year.

Is there anything about your website, hosting or online marketing that you would like to improve or change?

Don’t stop reading now, there is more!

We host, support and care for lots of WordPress websites and are always looking for ways to make our services even better.

Our website care and hosting plans now include faster servers, SSL’s certificates, daily back ups, updates taken, intelligent IP blocking, telephone and email support and additional security for your peace of mind.

Migration is almost always free when you join us, as is a comprehensive health check on all aspects of your site including how well it is marketed.

If this is something which you are interested in then please do feel free to contact us, we can talk you through the process and find a way which suits you best. We promise if you provide the tea we can bring the biscuits, no one can say no to a digestive 🙂

It only take a second to get some more info on how the WordPress doctor can help. We will also, (if you don’t mind – you can always opt out if you), send you monthly helpful hints and tips on how to make WordPress work for you

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