The Secret Diary Of The WordPress Doctor 2

Chapter 2 – Using the visual builder

It’s 7pm, the kids have been fed, are in bed and loudly demanding a drink, the dog is kicking off because next door’s alarm is going off, your other half is complaining about not getting enough attention and if you don’t get your new prices on your website, tomorrow is going to be carnage. 
And that my friends is why god invented the WordPress visual builder – to make editing your website as smooth and efficient possible, to save you grief. 

Have read through my tips below, watch the video and if the dog is still driving you mad, give me a call and I will help you nail it – working on your WordPress website near Sittingbourne or Harrogate? I can even pop out to you, (my dog Jim optional company). 

As you will see when you are in the backend of your WordPress website, there are several different sections. The whole website in fact, is made up of little sections where you can click the settings button and change the content on the front screen and your WordPress website’s visual builder ables you to see the changes in real time as you make them. 

When you would like to start editing the website you will need to click on the button at the top called “enable visual builder”. 

On each page, your content sits in sections which are usually green, there is a toggle button which looks like a little flower. Once this has been clicked on it will show the part of the website which sits in this section so that you can edit this.

Once you have finished editing the section of the website which you have been working on you will need to press the green button with the tick. Once this has been pressed you will need to click on the circle button with three dots inside of this, (top tip – it’s purple). You will then need to click “save” (this is the bit people often forget – i blame the dog again).

Then, as before you will need to press the button at the top which now says, “exit visual builder”. 

For a full video on how to use the visual builder click here:

As ever, you are welcome 🙂 

Stop worrying, get designing

The WordPress Doctor is Ellie Ansell, who started at Boom back in 2014 as an apprentice. When she isn’t doctoring for websites, you can find her telling off her dog Jim, eating chicken nuggets and generally being an all round good egg. 

The WordPress Doctor can help with – 

• WordPress Security & hack prevention 
• SEO for WordPress
• Changing content in WordPress• Difficulty adding/resizing images in WordPress
• Mobile responsiveness for WordPress websites• Virus & malware removal for WordPress
• WordPress Error messages
• Slow loading speeds in WordPress
• Dated branding 
• Out of date WordPress plugins
 • Broken links in WordPress
• Adding new texts, images or links to WordPress websites

If your problem isn’t on this list above – just give her a shout,

The first consultation is free so contact her to book your slot.

(NB 1pm – 2pm is her lunch, but she’s pretty flexible other than that and generally quite nice)

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