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By boomsol / April 24, 2018

Do you want to up your “Google my Business” listing ?

Google my business is a necessary tool for companies who are looking into developing their online presence and listing on Google....

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By boomsol / February 19, 2018

What Do You Know About Yorkshire?

Ey Up Duck, if you haven’t guessed already we are basing our blog on a Kentish prospective on Yorkshire and...

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By boomsol / February 7, 2018

Is Your Developer Thinking About SEO?

As the nature of the internet has changed so has the way that web development companies have had to change...

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Meeting with clients
By boomsol / November 28, 2017

Managing Your WordPress Website

Welcome to our blog on the importance on keeping your website updated with new text and images. Good content is...

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Design Development
By boomsol / October 9, 2017

Comparing E-commerce Platforms

With there being an ever growing amount of websites and tools that can be used to build an ecommerce site,...

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SEO Executive
By boomsol / September 8, 2017

How We Started Our Digital Careers – Sam, SEO Executive

Over the next couple of blog posts we will be going over how some of us got into the digital sector of work.

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