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By / September 13, 2019

VW Rebrand, Our Thoughts

The VW rebrand was unveiled this week, at a glance you can see they’ve joined the wave of brands reverting...

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By / August 22, 2019

The Secret Diary of The WordPress Doctor

Chapter 3 - Adding a contact form One of the principal functions of a website is so people can contact...

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By / August 21, 2019

The Secret Diary Of The WordPress Doctor 2

Chapter 2 - Using the visual builder It’s 7pm, the kids have been fed, are in bed and loudly demanding...

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By / August 16, 2019

The Secret Diary of the WordPress Doctor

Chapter One: Logging into Wordpress I don’t get much free time in between working on Wordpress websites in Kent and...

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By / January 29, 2019

Need a bit of help with your WordPress website..?

The Wordpress Doctor will see you now! You are not alone… In fact website worries are very common. We know...

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Boom Solutions
By / January 18, 2019

10 exciting web design trends you can’t hide from in 2019

There are 6 million business’s in the UK but only one like yours.. How can you stand out from the...

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