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Website Design & Development

For The Perfect First Impression

The very first question we will ask you when creating your new website is ‘What do you want to achieve from the internet?’ or ‘What do you want the internet to do for you?’ The answer to this question drives everything that we do with your website from that point. Do you want to generate phone calls, make sales, collect email addresses or simply entertain people? A website isn’t an exercise in ego boosting – it is a serious business tool that works 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A good website is working for your business long after you’ve gone home and put the kettle on or played with the kids. It’s not what you do on the internet that matters it’s what the internet is doing for you.

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Branding & Identity

How Will The World See You?

We take branding very seriously and creating your brand and representing your business is a living breathing process that will never really be complete. We would normally start by sitting down with you at either one of our offices in Kent or Yorkshire or at your place so that we can really get to the bottom of your business. What do you want to say? How do you want the world to see you? What do you want to achieve? Our team can then come up with ideas and concepts to fulfil those requirements and develop your brand. A consistent brand across all platforms and channels (i.e. online and offline) is the most effective way of building the image of your business and as a result we often prefer to do branding at the same time as website build and development as it allows a more consistent approach. However we do take on standalone branding and graphic design projects.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media

Get Your Business Seen!

Social media is increasingly important to businesses.  Ultimately you are best placed to ensure that your social media content is relevant and personal to your business.  However ensuring that you have a good strategy will ensure that you get the best out of this huge opportunity. We can help your business go viral by producing high quality shareable content for social media and advertising purposes across the internet. We can even produce you with images with your companies branding for higher interaction posts.

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Copywrighting & SEO

Open Your Site Up To New Possibilities

Simply having a great looking website that performs well isn't enough - people need to be able to find your site when searching for terms on Search Engines, Search Engine Optimisation can boost yours sties online presence. SEO is the process of making your website as relevant as possible in the eyes of search engines for the terms and locations that are most relevant to your business. This is the technique that allows you to come higher up on Google than your competitors (or indeed them higher than you). With this service we also provide copyrighting included with some of our packages or as a separate service.

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Animation & Promotional Videos

Entice Your Customers

Theres no doubt that a video on the landing page of your website increase your conversion rate, with some sites seeing an increase in conversations by 80%. We can help create you a unique animation or promotional video thats enticing for your customers that can be displayed anywhere from you website to your office or storefront.

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