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Search Engine Optimisation

Your website might be the most relevant and beneficial site for the service that you provide, but without the proper optimisation how is anyone going to find it? Search Engine optimisation is the process of improving a sites appearance in Search Engine Result Pages (S.E.R.Ps’) whether that be targeting local, national or international search.

Search Engine optimisation is an integral part of any marketing strategy and can provide the same benefits as more conventional marketing techniques:

  • Increases in traffic to your website
  • Increases in Conversions and Enquiries
  • Better online visibility
  • Improvements in user and search engine friendliness

All the improvements we do to your site we do by hand, using no black hat techniques such as spam or keyword stuffing to gain an advantage over your competitors. Every campaign that we take on is completely bespoke from the beginning, for your website, in your industry.


The first thing we do with every SEO project that we undertake is to make sure that both the customer and us here at Boom understand the end goals of the project. These goals can be of a wide variety from increase of traffic, increase of online conversions to even maybe just ranking high for a specific keyword. With this we also discuss what targeting would be best whether thats Local, National or International. We find it best to discuss these goals at the beginning of the process so we can use our expertise and your industry knowledge to guide the project in the right direction.


After the consultation stage we then start a full audit of your site as well as your websites entire online presence. At this stage we are looking for all the current search terms that your site is ranking for, the current backlink structure, on-page elements that could be optimised and more. From this point we can then devise a plan to improve your sites rankings in search engines as well as its performance.

Keyword Research

To accurately track the progression of your website we need to decide what short and long term keywords we want to be targeting. For this we do research into your industry to determine the appropriate keywords for us to target and track figuring out which would be the most beneficial to your site and company.

On-Page SEO

From previous steps in the process we will have an understanding o what changes need to be made and a plan from which we can start to improve your website. First step for us is to always make sure that your site is the perfect platform to go forth and grow from. For us to achieve this we go through your site and improve some of the following: URL Structures, Navigation, Internal Links, Text Formatting, Keyword Density and many more! These improvements will help your sites SEO and its user friendliness and give us a good point to work from.

Link Building

The way Google moves round the internet is via links moving from one site to the other. This is why Google highly values links to your site and is one of the most important factors in SEO. Google will look at links to a site and will rank sites more favourably if they have a large quantity of high value links. When it comes to link building we will create content for your site as well performing all the outreach to gain great high quality links.


To keep you up to date with the progress we are making, we will send you monthly reports going over the changes we made and the effects this has had on your rankings as well as the end goal of your website.

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