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I was recommended Boom from 2 different sources. I went through a very rigorous selection process, and with my brief of bringing to life my business ideas offering creative freedom and to be involved at Discovery stage, my work attracted a huge number of providers.
I chose Boom over all the others who pitched/tendered and I could not be happier. They have been very accommodating and flexible to my requests and changes, and both sides have learnt a lot.
Alex and Kev have been my main contacts, Kev’s ability to translate my vision to create to brands that are truly unique and do not look out of place, as you can see in the pictures attached. Alex’s work on creating a website based on my brief, using the best tech has also been excellent. Prompt, very responsive and easy to get on with.
It’s been a huge learning experience, for me and for them, and has been the odd bump along the way. I’e had to take feedback on board from them on certain areas as well as them adjusting to my requirements and feedback.
I would be happy to speak to anyone about my experience with them, and feel free to see my work from the logos/branding as well as my websites which are due to go fully live in June 2019

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